Dr. Elia Gourgouris
Dr. Elia Gourgouris
Transforming businesses through

Emotional Intelligience

What is EQ and what role does it serve in the workplace?

According to psychologist Daniel Goleman, “What having emotional intelligence looks like is that you’re confident, good at working towards your goals, adaptable and flexible. You recover quickly from stress and you’re resilient. Life goes much more smoothly if you have good EQ.”

And unlike our IQ, which typically doesn’t change throughout our life, our EQ can be learned, developed and enhanced. Additionally, research has shown that the higher you move on the organizational chart, the more vitally important EQ becomes. For example, a general on the battle field doesn’t need technical skills about the workings of a tank but he desperately needs to know how to motivate his troops. Likewise a CEO needs to have high EQ to inspire his employees, and to increase profitability. A high EQ empowers you to have a positive influence on those around you, especially in the workplace, and has a direct impact on the bottom line.
And therefore, EQ is a crucial component to a leader’s success.

Dr. Elia leads you through a one-day Emotional Intelligence Assessment workshop where you’ll discover ways to enhance and develop the four aspects of emotional intelligence:

  • Self-awareness: recognizing your own emotions and understanding how they affect your thoughts and behaviors, and what you can do to change them.
  • Self-management: controlling your emotions and managing them in healthy ways. Self-managed people use self-awareness to recognize feelings as they happen and do not let them get out of control.
  • Social-awareness: understanding the emotions, needs and concerns of other people. Social awareness incorporates the ability to empathize and take an active interest in their concerns.
  • Relationship management: developing and managing relationships, facing conflicts and working well in a team; sensing what others need in order to develop their abilities. People with this competence are skilled at persuasion, listening, conflict management, negotiation, and even diplomacy.
All four EQ elements are important building blocks for relating to people and achieving business goals.

Wherever you are in your career, Dr. Elia will work with you on these critical elements and increase your chances of success, to become more resilient, and to offer inspirational leadership. He also will help leaders develop a positive relationship with themselves, following the sage counsel carved into the stone walls of the Oracle of Delphi – “Know thyself.”

LDS Executive Coaching offers four options of personal and team development:

  1. The Leadership Journey
  2. Emotional Intelligence Assessment
  3. Your Best Year Yet
  4. Focus Your Vision