Dr. Elia Gourgouris
Dr. Elia Gourgouris
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“As CIO of a $3.8 billion company, I brought Dr. Gourgouris on board to assist us in our leadership transformation journey. What I learned along the way was that true success cannot be measured in merely dollars and cents or tasks accomplished, it must also be measured in the intangible ability to truly lead and inspire people to accomplish the mission or objectives of the organization and its leadership. To accomplish this, leadership must be applied at every level of an organization, people must be trained, educated, coached and mentored to perform at their peak level of collaboration and contribution. Very rarely do the stars align and this level of synergy occur on its own.

In my experience of over 20 years of senior leadership with Fortune 500 companies, I have met only a few select individuals who possessed the insight and skill sets to provide the leadership to achieve this level of transformation. Dr. Gourgouris is one of those individuals. He brings equal parts of coach, mentor and educator, serving as an organizational Sherpa to guide your team to new levels of collaboration and success. With his even-handed demeanor and deep interpersonal skill sets, I have seen him transform people and organizations that were deemed unsalvageable. Navigating the complexities of organizational politics and interpersonal issues, Dr. Gourgouris demonstrated time and time again his skill set and experience in creating high performance organizations and cultures. I would welcome the opportunity to partner with him again in any of my leadership and organizational development endeavors. He is the consummate professional.”

Steve Smith, former CIO of Orbitz and TBC Corporation

“I have known Elia Gourgouris for many years. He is an excellent coach and trusted advisor. Elia has a great capacity to think through difficult problems, determine creative solutions and then demonstrates the energy and drive to implement the most effective solutions. Elia works very effectively at the individual level and truly cares about helping people become more successful.”

Paul Terry, Founder/President at Paul Terry Consulting Group, Inc.

“Dr. Elia helped us focus on what was important from a human resource perspective and helped us understand how to get maximum effort out of our people. I would highly recommend him to others looking to focus their efforts.”

Robin Bradbury, CEO at Re|solution

"During the past nine years, I have referred more than 50 people to Dr. Elia Gourgouris for coaching. Without exception, the results have been superb. Dr. Gourgouris is a brilliant coach, an outstanding speaker, and a gifted professional."

Wayne Boss, Ph.D., Professor, University of Colorado, Leeds School of Business

"I have known Dr. Gourgouris for several years, and have found him to be of exceptional professional credentials and capabilities. I have sought Dr. Gourgouris’ professional counsel and advice on many occasions, and have also referred many individuals (and often their spouses) to him. He has a superb track record of client successes, requiring commitment, accountability, and honesty from them. I have also found him to be a superb teacher, and an excellent lecturer for both small and large groups. I recommend Dr. Gourgouris as a first-class professional with valuable insights, extensive clinical practice and a problem-solving aptitude."

W. Kenneth Thiess, CEO, Parker, CO

“Dr. Elia Gourgouris is a man who is committed to your success. He has touched the lives of many with his talents in writing, speaking, coaching, and as a therapist. I highly recommend Dr. Gourgouris to you, your company, your group or organization.”

Dave Vorwaller, Principal/Owner at Solomon Brothers Roofing, Inc.

“It has been my privilege to work with Elia in various efforts. He sincerely cares about others and has a talent for helping people catch the vision of their potential. His optimistic outlook and personable manner have a positive impact on those with whom he associates.”

Quinn Remund, Principal Systems Engineer at Ball Aerospace

“Elia has a personality that is easy to relate to and share thoughts with. He is able to ask the kinds of questions that help individuals feel at ease, open up, and share their thoughts, leading to outcomes important to the person being coached.”

Stephen Moulton SPHR, Executive Selection Coaching

“Elia’s warmth and humor put clients and colleagues at ease from the first meeting. Whether it’s his face-to-face encounters or through his writing, Elia’s professional insights are delivered with passion and compassion setting him apart from other relationship coaches.”

Julie de Azevedo Hanks, Therapist and Author

"I have known Dr. Gourgouris for over 15 years, during which I have both met with him personally and have attended many of his lectures. He is extremely knowledgeable, intuitive, and experienced - with over 25,000 hours of counseling and coaching clients which have come mostly through personal referrals. There is no greater proof of customer satisfaction than that! He is also one of the most engaging speakers I have ever heard; each workshop I have attended has been informative, entertaining, and presented in a thoughtful and interesting manner. As you can tell, I am an avid fan and admirer of Dr. Gourgouris and his work – he is one of the most gifted and talented people I have ever met."

Susanne P. Davis, MBA, Boulder, CO

“As a speaker and writer, Elia knows how to present important life topics in an entertaining, easy-to-understand package. When it comes to his business responsibilities, he is reliable and tenacious.”

Spencer Deery, Speechwriter and Communications Specialist at Purdue University